Brian Schatz

“The Philippines is a resilient nation and a true American ally, and they need our help.  I stand with our Filipino community here in Hawai`i and across the country as we continue to assist the relief efforts in the Philippines.  In this time of tragedy and in the coming months, we need to all work together, share our prayers, generosity and aloha with our friends in the Philippines.”

Brian SchatzU.S. Senator
Mazie Hirono

“Typhoon Haiyan has wrought unparalleled destruction and tragic loss of life in the Philippines.  The United States has demonstrated its commitment to assisting the Philippines with the recovery effort through foreign aid, military assistance and relief supplies, but we must also assist the victims’ families in whatever way possible.”

Mazie HironoU.S. Senator
Colleen Hanabusa

“My thoughts are with the people of the Philippines as they work to recover and rebuild from this devastating storm, and I hope the families of the victims are able to find comfort during this difficult time. We in Hawaii know all too well the destruction and damage Mother Nature is capable of, and I know our friends in the Philippines are resilient and will overcome this tragedy.”

Colleen HanabusaU.S. Representative
Tulsi Gabbard

“In the wake of such a horrible tragedy, the positive we must recognize lies within the outpouring of compassion, support, and aloha, towards our friends and loved ones in the Philippines. All across Hawai‘i, we are seeing military units, businesses, nonprofits and individuals standing up and taking initiative, using their time, energy, and resources, to contribute to the relief efforts.  Each of us has an opportunity to make a difference in real people’s lives by contributing whatever we have to offer and sharing our aloha with the Philippines.”

Tulsi GabbardU.S. Representative


Neil Abercrombie

“We are encouraging UH fans to bring their friends and family to the Rainbow Warriors’ final football home game of the season to boost attendance in order to help those impacted by Super Typhoon Haiyan. Hawaii and the Philippines share a special bond of friendship and partnership, and this event provides an opportunity to show our kokua.”

Neil AbercrombieHawaii Governor
Shan Tsutsui

“Having visited the Philippines earlier this year, I was exposed to the resiliency and determination of its people and firmly believe that, with the help of caring individuals in Hawaii and across the globe, they will overcome this tragedy.  I encourage everyone to reach deep in their hearts and find a way to help survivors of Super Typhoon Haiyan.”

Shan TsutsuiHawaii Lt. Governor
Glenn Wakai

“We are so blessed to live in a place of exquisite beauty and great prosperity. Our friends in the Philippines are constantly battered by natural disasters and rebuilding. Join the spirit of Aloha flowing across the Pacific. Let’s be thankful for what we have, and give generously to those who have little.”

Glenn WakaiHawaii State Senator
Henry Aquino

“My thoughts and prayers are for our kababayan in the Philippines who experienced loss and suffered greatly because of the devastation left by Typhoon Haiyan.  I humbly ask everyone to fully support and stand with our Filipino community here in Hawaii to help the country recover from this terrible tragedy.”

Henry AquinoHawaii State Representative


Kirk Caldwell

“The people of Oahu stand together with the people of Leyte and all of the Philippines as they recover from the unimaginable devastation of Typhoon Haiyan.  My heart goes out to the victims and survivors of this catastrophic natural disaster.  The City & County of Honolulu is committed to providing support and aloha in this time of great need.”

Kirk CaldwellHonolulu Mayor
Alan Arakawa

“In the Philippines this typhoon has caused profound loss and a desperate need for help.  Thousands of people have been killed and millions more are left without food, water or access to much-needed medical care. The unprecedented scope of this disaster means that our response is critical to saving lives, and I urge everyone to give what they can to help.”

Alan ArakawaMaui Mayor
Billy Kenoi

“I offer our aloha and deepest condolences to our kababayan, our family and friends in the Philippines.  We know that their strength and resolve will carry them through these difficult times.  Let’s kōkua all those displaced by Super Typhoon Haiyan.  From the County of Hawaiʻi and the Filipino Community of Hawaiʻi Island, mahalo for your generosity.”

Billy KenoiHawaii Mayor
Bernard Carvalho

“Our hearts and prayers are with the victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan and their families. Our community is deeply connected to our ‘ohana in the Philippines, and we are grateful for this opportunity to demonstrate our compassion and generosity to those who are trying to overcome tragedy.”

Bernard CarvalhoKauai Mayor